Working through a global team, CECOM impacts Soldiers in profound ways, both at home and throughout combatant commands around the world. That may be by repairing C5ISR equipment to maintain their situational awareness on the battlefield, writing and delivering software patches to keep that same networked equipment safe from virtual intruders, or providing 24-hour help desk support. Learn more about our capabilities below:

Depot-Level Manufacturing, Repair, and Overhaul

CECOM’s Tobyhanna Army Depot is the Department of Defense’s premier sustainment center for C5ISR systems, ranging from night-vision devices to satellite terminals. The depot designs, manufactures, repairs, and overhauls critical C5ISR systems for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. It also maintains five depot maintenance forward facilities, three in the United States, one in Korea, and one in Europe, to bring depot-level repair capabilities closer to where Soldiers are stationed.

Field Support

CECOM provides software and hardware engineers, logisticians, and maintenance personnel to the field. CECOM's “face to the field” includes logistics assistance representatives, field service representatives, and field service engineers under the management of CECOM's senior command representatives.

Foreign Military Assistance

CECOM supports our allies and strengthens relationships through foreign military sales under the direction and guidance of the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command. CECOM's Integrated Logistics Support Center provides C5ISR equipment in support of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, among others. These partnerships promote compatibility and interoperability in military equipment and training, which are crucial to the National Defense Strategy.

Interoperability Certification

CECOM’s Central Technical Support Facility is the Army's strategic center for Army interoperability certification testing and configuration management for all C5ISR systems, applications, and hardware before fielding.

Logistics Sustainment Planning and Execution

CECOM’s Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILSC) is the Army’s premier logistics organization for C5ISR life cycle support. The ILSC integrates and synchronizes C5ISR capabilities throughout the acquisition life cycle, supports Soldier readiness through home station support and enterprise reach-back, and coordinates with Program Executive Offices and commanders to provide materiel solutions for current and future requirements.

Software Sustainment

CECOM provides life cycle software solutions and services that support units' C5ISR and business system requirements. The Software Engineering Center (SEC) ensures uninterrupted critical software functions, such as licenses and information assurance vulnerability alerts. The SEC executes priority post-production software support to ensure critical safety and interoperability compliance of fielded C5ISR software-intensive systems.

Supply Chain Management

CECOM's supply chain management expertise ensures the supply chain meets the demand whenever and wherever needed. CECOM provides timely and effective logistics support to streamline and optimize supply chains.

IT Systems Engineering and Integration

The U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command provides engineering and associated support of IT at Army posts, camps, and stations; interconnection between installations; extension to deployed forces; and subject matter expertise to PEOs.