Work-Life Balance

Flexible Work Schedules

CECOM allows for alternate work schedules that fit within mission requirements. Such flexibility supports success through improving efficiency and productivity, enhancing employee recruitment and retention, reducing absenteeism, decreasing overtime expenses, fostering energy conservation through commuter traffic reduction and furthering employee job satisfaction and morale by improving the quality of work life.


CECOM allows for telework depending on mission requirements and employees’ work schedules. Through telework, CECOM sustains a more flexible and agile workforce capable of working from off-site locations during contingency situations.

CECOM understands the correlation between employee health and a vibrant and productive workforce. Our organization supports a wellness program that encourages employees to cultivate healthy lifestyles, enhancing the quality of work, productivity and resilience.

Wellness Program

The CECOM Wellness Program provides information to employees via lunch time classes, health fairs and informational booths at wellness events throughout the year. The goal is to enhance the readiness and resiliency of our workforce by providing civilians, soldiers, contractors, and families with information on health, classes, and activities that will engage them, sustain them, and bring them together to share and celebrate life.